ABS Hosts Ship Design and Operation Seminar in the Era of Intelligence Seminar in Shanghai

ABS Hosts Ship Design and Op Seminar in Shanghai 1

ABS Greater China Division (GCD) held a seminar on Ship Design and Operation in the Era of Intelligence on May 17 in Shanghai, convening more than 130 representatives from owners, shipyards, operators, designers, academy and ship brokers. The full-day session covered a range of issues, including intelligent ship safety and operation, big data application and intelligent ship classification.

Advanced technologies such as the intelligent ship, unmanned ship and big data applications have been included in Made in China 2025. While these new technologies are opening a new era for shipbuilding and shipping. The maritime industry has been keen on how to leverage the opportunities brought by the era of intelligence safely and efficiently. This aligns with ABS objectives to assist the maritime enterprises by addressing the key issues that the industry will face during the development of intelligence era.

ABS Hosts Ship Design and Op Seminar in Shanghai 2

The enhanced capabilities of intelligent ships come added risks and complexities. As a class society, ABS is committed to enhancing safety and mitigating risks. During the seminar, Dr. Christina Wang, ABS Vice President of Technology, addressed Intelligent Ship Safety and Class Rules, sharing ABS extensive experience in enhancing operational safety and introducing the detailed requirements of ABS Rules on intelligent ships. ABS has contributed great efforts to keep ABS Rules and Guides ahead of the technology curve and are in a good position to provide technical support and value-added services with its industry-leading rules.

ABS Hosts Ship Design and Op Seminar in Shanghai 3

Dr. Gareth Burton, ABS Vice President of Global Marine, shared his insights on Data Analysis Technology for Improved Operations. The current wave of digitalization and the tools used to collect, store and analyze the mass of data streaming from marine and offshore assets are vital to improving asset integrity and performance. ABS has already worked closely with the industry and applied this technology to projects for operational and environmental efficiency.

ABS Hosts Ship Design and Op Seminar in Shanghai 4

The seminar also invited industry and academic experts from Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute (SDARI) and Shanghai Ship and Shipping Research Institute (SSSRI) as guest speakers, who presented the topics respectively on Shipping Big Data Application in the Era of Intelligence, New Ship Type and Development Methodology in the Era of Intelligence and the Roadmap for China Intelligent Ship Development and Operation in the future.