ABS Hosts Three Technical Committee Meetings Across Pacific

ABS Hosts Three Technical Committee Meetings Across Pacific

ABS Pacific Division hosted technical committee meetings across three countries in February. The locations throughout the Pacific Division included Yokohama, Japan, Busan, Korea and Singapore.

Technical committee members including shipbuilders, designers and owners from the Pacific and Middle East met to discuss the proposed ABS Rule changes and developing technologies. The proposed rule changes cover topics such as hull, structures, machinery, materials, surveying, environmental and more. 

From ABS, Senior Vice President of Pacific Engineering, Kang Mui Wong and his team provided insight and the most up-to-date information on world shipping and the shipbuilding outlook, Cybersafety, regulatory updates, LNG as fuel, inspection and survey technology.

KM Wong acknowledged the contributions of the division technical committee members to ABS.

“ABS has been at the forefront of the marine and offshore energy innovation since its foundation and we strive to raise the standards of marine, offshore and technology while meeting the needs of clients and the public. Our commitment to set standards for safety and excellence as one of the world’s leading classification societies is based on the rules and standards ABS developed and refined, reflecting from the valuable discussions and comments obtained from the division technical committees members in this region.”

Committee members actively provided feedback on rule changes and future technology developments. And they recognize that ABS is at the forefront for the most pressing technical, operational and regulatory challenges contributing to the safe operation within the marine and offshore industries.

The ABS Pacific technical committee meetings are one of the most anticipated annual events engaging and encouraging industry players to participate in active discussions of changes and updates for ABS Rules.