ABS Hosts Workshop on Jackup Moving Off Location Analysis and Jackup Motions Monitoring

Jackup moving on and off location analysis and jackup motions monitoring are critical to the further improvement of jackup safety and operational efficiency, and industry input is vital to ABS’ technology development in these areas. ABS hosted a workshop to address these subjects in early March, gathering 25 drilling contractors and jackup designers, who joined members of the ABS team to discuss the analysis methods for leg extraction from the seabed and jackup moving off location and implementation of jackup motions monitoring.

ABS Technical Manager Qing Yu shared technology development efforts on jackup moving off location analysis methods and jackup motions monitoring, which are being developed to address these challenges.

The open format of the event allowed participants to share comments and exchange ideas that will be used to guide future R&D work and thus help ABS improve its Rules and Guides.  Participants gave positive feedback on this opportunity to share their experience and insights and expressed a high level of interest in participating in similar ABS workshops in the future. By gathering this input, ABS is in a better position to address client needs for these topics and to gauge industry interest in developing other new ABS class services.

The workshop demonstrated ABS leadership in developing new class services in response to industry needs. The feedback collected from the attendees will help guide future technology advancements.