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ABS Hosts Workshops to Address SOx Emissions and EGCS

Posted on Jan 12, 2017

Five workshops were hosted by ABS during Dec. 20-22 in Hong Kong and Taiwan to address SOx emissions and exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS). Top executives and senior representatives from leading owners and operators participated in the workshops, which introduced the requirements of different SOx emissions standards and sparked enthusiastic discussions on exhaust gas scrubber systems, including drivers to use SOx scrubber globally, system types, and considerations for EGCS selection.

Following a landmark decision during October’s IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) 70th session in London, the global sulfur cap of 0.5 percent on marine fuel oil will be effective on Jan. 1, 2020, which is why ship owners consider this to be an important topic.

Ships can meet SOx emission requirements by using low-Sulphur compliant fuel oil or alternative technology by installing EGCS or using LNG/alternative fuel oil as bunker fuel oil. However, shipowners and operators are concerned about the cost of implementing these methods.

ABS Hosts Workshops to Address SOx Emissions and EGCS

With regulatory compliance challenges from the upcoming regulations, owners and operators are looking for practical solutions that are suitable to their vessels’ unique operating profile. To respond this need, the ABS workshops focused on ABS Fuel Switching Recommendations and ABS EGCS Technology Evaluation Service. The ABS evaluation service is an interactive, multi-phase assessment to assist owners and operators in identifying the best option during the complex selection process.

After the workshops, ABS representatives followed up with clients to address their specific inquiries and provide continuous support to help the industry to most appropriately implement the upcoming regulations.