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ABS and JiMei University Held Successful Joint Seminar in Xiamen

Posted on Apr 04, 2017

ABS and JiMei University jointly hosted a seminar in Xiamen to address environmental regulations and new technology development, convening over 80 representatives from JiMei University, Maritime Safety Administration, ship owners and shipping companies.

The objective of this seminar is not only to bring up-to-date information on regulatory and technology development to the industry, but also to build an open and interactive platform for academic, authority, and industry to discuss the most pressing technical, operational and regulatory challenges.

Following an introduction for ABS, representatives from ABS Greater China Division (GCD) shared their insights on environmental regulations that have been increasingly concerned by the industry, topics including European Union (EU) Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV), Global Sulphur Cap 2020, Ballast Water Management and Regulations Update.

As the first class organization to earn EU MRV accreditation, ABS representatives introduced to the audience its MRV solutions, which ABS is able to support by assessing the monitoring plan and verifying the emissions report is prepared in conformance with the accepted monitoring plan. In addition, ABS Nautical Systems Vessel Performance tool is also available to assist ship operators to report data subject to regulatory compliance.

Facing the challenges brought by global Sulphur cap 2020, ABS representatives presented pros and cons among different compliance options such as low sulfur distillate fuels, low sulfur heavy fuel oil, exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS), LNG and alternate fuels. The ABS representative pointed out that some tonnage may be considered for recycling, Industry needs to plan early and work together to meet these operational and logistic challenges.

ABS representatives also introduced Ballast Water Management Convention requirements and implementation, ballast water treatment technology, and ABS ballast water management technology evaluation service, which provides pertinent and relevant information for a vessel owner to reach an informed ballast water management technology decision.

In addition to the regulations update, ABS representatives provided an introduction of its Global Client Support team and GCD Customer Support team, which will enable ABS to deliver the first-class services and better serve the Chinese marine and offshore industry.

During the seminar, Professor Zhuang, Xueqiang from School of Marine Engineering of Jimei University presented Marine Environment and Pollution Prevention; and WorldShine Maritime General Manager Cai, Jianwu talked about the Unmanned Ships.

After the presentations, the attendees exchanged their views on implementation requirements on environment issues.