ABS Seminar in Copenhagen on MEPC 70

More than 40 shipowners and operators joined ABS in Copenhagen on 1 November to hear the latest regulatory developments from the 70th IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) meeting which concluded on 29 October.

Thomas Kirk, Director, Environmental Performance, provided an overview of the significant issues progressed at MEPC 70 and the impact on shipowners and operators. 

MEPC 70 Seminar Copenhagen 1

Attendees were updated on Ballast Water Management developments from the IMO meetings as well as the latest USCG, EPA and California requirements.  In addition MARPOL Annex V amendments were discussed as well as the latest NOx, Sox and CO2 Emissions developments.

ABS personnel also provided an insight into how we are working with clients to assist with vessel performance management and the EU MRV requirements.

MEPC 70 Seminar Copenhagen 2

The high attendance at this Copenhagen seminar highlights the importance placed on environmental regulatory issues, compliance and performance by ship owners and operators.  The ABS seminar program is integral to the provision of advice and practical guidance on the implications and implementation of new maritime regulations.