ABS Wins After Sales Service Excellence Award from European Marine Engineering Conference

ABS Shaft Alignment Services was honored with the prestigious 2017 Marine Propulsion Award for After Sales Service Excellence. This award recognizes after-sales programs that take a novel approach to providing customers with better, faster or more economical after-sales service. The awards ceremony was part of the European Marine Engineering Conference, Awards and Exhibition held in Amsterdam in April.

As a trusted advisor to the clients and industry that we serve, ABS keeps pace with operational and technological trends and responds with solutions to help navigate those trends in a safer and more sustainable manner. The ABS Shaft Alignment service was developed based on the culmination of many years of experience through participating in failure investigations and sea trials coupled with extensive research and development through Computational Fluid Dynamics models and Fluid Structure Interaction Algorithms.

The service offers unique, state-of-the-art analytic capabilities for optimizing the shaft alignment as well as stern tube bearing slopes. Double slope boring of the aft stern tube bearing has proven to increase contact area between the shaft and the bearing, thereby preventing excessive edge loading and consequently increasing the safety factor against failure. Sea trials subject the shafting and bearing system to the worst case scenario maneuvers which helps increase confidence in the vessel’s successful operating capability.

The service utilizes a unique and customized set of ABS software programs, including the ABS Shaft Alignment and the ABS Integrated Powertrain Tool (IPT) programs. The use of these customized software programs allows data from the field to be quickly evaluated and provides optimum shaft alignment bearing offsets and slopes. The results provide higher quality calculations and operational efficiencies.