Developing Standards for HP/HT Equipment

In recent years, the offshore oil and gas industry has categorized reservoirs with wellbore fluids pressures greater than 15,000 psi and/or temperatures greater than 350°F as high-pressure and/or high-temperature (HP/HT) environments. These conditions exceed the capability of current existing drilling equipment, which are rated to 15,000psi and 250°F. Although there are high-level guidelines for HP/HT in publications by the American Petroleum Institute, there is a lack of specific design and manufacturing codes, standards and regulations for technology qualification of HP/HT equipment.

Actively working with vendors and contractors that are developing HP/HT technology, ABS developed a set of criteria based on industry standards to start adjusting equipment requirements and defining technology qualification procedures.  

OTC Monday Video_ABS HP-HT Extended Edit from American Bureau of Shipping on Vimeo.

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