NS5 is Now NS Enterprise

ABS Nautical Systems (NS) NS5 Fleet Management Software suite has been re-branded NS Enterprise to better reflect the comprehensive nature of the software, regardless of the version. NS Enterprise is a full marine ERP system delivering complete asset management and compliance management solutions for the marine and offshore industries. In 2015 NS also launched NS Core, a streamlined version of NS that unifies all core operational and compliance activities in a single workspace, specifically developed for the workboat sector.

For over 30 years, NS has been developing software in the maritime sector. The NS software design, implementation approach, industry expertise and ongoing support capabilities reflect a deep history in this sector. NS offers a unique understanding of the challenges in the marine and offshore business supported by the depth and breadth of experience of ABS. At NS, we are committed to developing powerful solutions that meet the complex challenges of the marine and offshore industries with asset management, workforce management and compliance software that solves real problems.

Version 6.4 of NS Enterprise Launched

The latest version of NS Enterprise – 6.4 – which was just released, represents our most comprehensive release in several years. Everything about this version of NS Enterprise makes it easier and more efficient to deploy and manage the software.  6.4 includes:

  • Automated Software Installer
  • Remote Vessel Software Installation
  • Serialized Items
  • Visual Crew Planner
  • Cloud Deployment Option

NS is also rolling out Mobile and Web solutions in 2016.

ABS Nautical Systems is committed to developing solutions that will ensure our clients’ success now and into the future. Our professional services organization specializes in implementing for success in complex marine and offshore operations, helping clients maximize the value of the enterprise software. Our Project Management Organization works closely with internal technical, regulatory and business process specialists to continuously improve implementation and project management tools and methodologies.