Preparing for the Future: Implications of Data Management and Analytics

Everything that can be touched physically in the offshore industry will be digitized within the next several years. The future of class has to evolve to contend with the changing world, becoming more data-centric. ABS is evaluating how data – including data management and data analytics – will impact class and how ABS as a classification society can help industry leverage the potential value of the data being collected.

The value eventuality lies in the ability to collect, validate, analyze and ultimately leverage data being produced by smarter, more data-intensive systems onboard offshore assets. Equipment manufacturers and vendors are quickly adopting these tools and techniques, and operators are increasingly coming to rely on them to drive performance efficiency, improve uptime and gain deeper insight into improving their bottom line.

ABS is taking on the role of helping the offshore industry validate technologies and leverage them properly and safely throughout the lifecycle of their assets.

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