Singapore Industry Representatives Learn More about ABS FutureClass

Nearly 200 people representing various marine and offshore organizations learned more about how ABS is supporting future technology applications in survey, cyber security and autonomy during a recent Singapore industry event.

ABS Chief Technology Officer Howard Fireman was invited by the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Singapore to deliver a technical presentation on
July 12 focusing on what lies ahead for classification societies.

Howard shared the vision of ABS FutureClass™ and how ABS is working to refine and shape Class through a proactive, pragmatic approach to resolving challenges, creating safety guidelines, advancing innovative solutions for safe and efficient operations, and tackling new technologies that change the traditional definition and scope of Class for the industries we serve.

The audience got a glimpse of areas where ABS has embarked on many research and developments projects in preparation of meeting the industry's future needs on cyber and automation issues. Participants learned about critical risks and threats to maritime safety that are driving these initiatives and the need for Classification societies like ABS to be a trusted technical advisor on emerging issues.

Howard Fireman and Mr  Foo.jpg
ABS Chief Technology Officer Howard Fireman (left) receives a token of appreciation for speaking to Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Singapore (SNAMES) members from Foo Nan Cho (right), President of SNAMES.