ABS Advanced Solutions Holds Seminar on Cyber Threats to Yachts

ABS Advanced Solutions Holds Seminar on Cyber Threats to Yachts


Given the rapid rise in automation technology, connectivity and enhanced communications, today’s vessels are more vulnerable to cyber attacks than ever before. ABS Advanced Solutions held a seminar in Monaco on November 22nd to address cyber security threats to yachts.

This seminar was organized by ONLYYACHT Superyacht Insurance and led by ABS Advanced Solutions Business Development Director Pantelis Skinitis.

Today’s superyachts are highly advanced vessels that contain complex, automated control systems. These systems can include navigation, steering and propulsion functions while newer technologies like remote navigation, autopilot and control are becoming more common as well.

The adoption of advanced control systems makes superyachts more vulnerable to cyber threats. Effective cyber policy protects the crew, vessel equipment and environment.

Mr. Skinitis covered the potential cyber threats to yachts, the differences between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) as well as cyber best practices. The next part of seminar discussed cyber vessel assessments and how to implement the best practices for cyber safety.

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