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ABS Celebrates 160th Anniversary of ASCO and Holds Regulatory Workshop

Posted on Nov 30, 2018

ASCO 160th Anniversary Celebration


The Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ASCO), formerly ACSC, celebrated its 160th Anniversary on October 22nd. ASCO is one of the oldest companies in the country, and this anniversary honored the country’s sailors and seamen’s service to maritime transport on the Caspian Sea and European waters.

ABS joined in the anniversary event and held a separate workshop for ASCO in Baku on October 25th.

Seyfettin Tatli, ABS Business Development Manager of Turkey and the Caspian Region, congratulated ASCO on its anniversary as well as its success modernizing shipbuilding and maritime operations in Azerbaijan. He presented an ABS plaque to ASCO Chairman Rauf Valiyev to commemorate the event.

He stated, “ABS and ASCO have successfully worked together to certify that ASCO’s operations are in full compliance with current international management system standards. ABS looks forward to continuing our work together, so these achievements are sustainable, and Azerbaijani maritime shipping industry is well-prepared for the future.”


ASCO Workshop


Mr. Tatli also presented the ABS Classification and Regulatory Updates Workshop for the ASCO executive and technical teams. Participants heard about the new technical innovations in the shipping industry as well as the push towards environmental performance due to the 2020 Global Sulfur Cap.

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