ABS-Classed Yacht Atomic Launched by Italian Shipyard VSY



The ABS-classed 64m motor yacht Atomic has been launched by the Italian shipyard VSY.

The vessel incorporates environmental systems and programs to reduce environmental impact and allow navigation in protected marine areas.

Atomic is equipped with a dynamic positioning system designed to minimize the impact on the seabed when anchoring as well as, exhaust gas cleaning systems and four 200 kW generators to power the diesel electric thrusters, allowing navigation under electric propulsion without starting the main engine.

“ABS has a record of supporting innovations in yacht design all over the globe and I am proud to say the Atomic can now be added to that list,” said Daniele Bottino, ABS Manager, Business Development. “Not only is ABS one of the leading class organizations for the global yacht fleet but we have extensive experience in advancing the latest in sustainable technologies and addressing industry’s most pressing environmental challenges.”



“The yacht integrates leading-edge environmental systems and programs to reduce environmental impact and allow navigation in protected marine areas, for which VSY has become a reference point in the market. This approach has fully satisfied the yacht’s owner wishes who intends to cruise in remote areas of the world in a spirit of respect for the environment and marine life,” said Francesco Bono, yacht’s Project Manager at VSY.

VSY’s policy is to minimize the environmental footprint of its vessels throughout their construction and operational life.

ABS has a long history in yacht classification providing worldwide services to owners, designers and major builders. Through extensive experience and close collaboration with designers, builders and regulators in this specialized industry, ABS is able to provide services to commercial and private yacht owners  that advance safety, reliability, structural and mechanical integrity.

The ABS-classed yacht fleet consists of more than 500 vessels, which represent all types of sailing and motor yachts including some of the fastest and most advanced super yachts in the world. As a recognized Organization for more than 120 flag States, ABS is authorized by the leading flag Administrations involved in the registration of yachts.