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ABS Delivers Charitable Contribution to an Orphanage in Athens

Posted on Feb 25, 2020

Director of the Charitable Institution, Ms Antonellou and Chris Leontopoulos, Director, Global Ship Systems Center, ABS

ABS employees in Athens raised €1,660 for the PEN Orphanage in the Kallithea district, near the ABS Piraeus offices. 

Colleagues donated €830 to support the work of the orphanage, which was matched by ABS Greece. 

Chris Leontopoulos, ABS Director of the Global Ship Systems Center and Dimitra Strafioti, ABS Administrative Assistant visited the orphanage to deliver the donation in the form of local supermarket vouchers as was requested by the charity.

Chris said: “As the biggest class organization in Greece, ABS is deeply involved in the life of the city and everyone here wanted to support the PEN orphanage, which makes such a huge difference to the lives of so many children in Kallithea, Athens.”

Children from the orphanage, aged between 3 and 7 years old, learned about the work of ABS and the importance of Greek Shipping. 

“It was very emotional to witness that most of the children were not shy to ask for a hug during our visit,” added Chris.

And it may be just the start of a long relationship, with ABS employees and their families being invited to come and play with the children during orphanage open days. 


Find out more about the vital work of the orphanage by visiting