ABS Endowed University Chair Series: Dr. Matthew R. Werner

Matthew Werner is the ABS Professor of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the Web Institute. Dr. Werner describes how his ABS chair empowers him to improve the overall educational opportunities for his students. He also discusses how new technologies and upcoming environmental regulations, such as the 2020 Global Sulfur Cap and the 2050 challenge to reduce CO2 emissions by 50%, will give the next generation of naval architects and marine engineers many opportunities to impact the future of shipping.

The ABS Endowed University Chair Series was created to highlight ABS’ various university partnerships. Through these partnerships, the ABS Endowed University Chairs conduct research in areas that are vital to the maritime industry.

By collaborating with universities, ABS can share its practical guidance as well as learn from the endowed chairs’ theoretical and applied research. This research collaboration helps facilitate new technologies that may well enhance the future of classification.

“New innovations are vital for the future health of the maritime industry,” said ABS Senior Vice President of Engineering and Technology, Derek Novak. “Through these university endowments, ABS facilitates collaboration with not only academia but our industry partners as well. This knowledge sharing is a crucial part of future technology advancement.”

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