ABS Endowed University Chair Series: Dr. Armin W. Troesch

Dr. Armin W. Troesch is the ABS Professor of Marine and Offshore Design Performance at the University of Michigan, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. In this video, Dr. Troesch discusses the skillsets needed in the future and why it is important to blend more traditional marine engineering instruction with newer computer science-related education. His current research examines how high-fidelity programs like computer-aided design (CAD) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) are incorporated into the vessel design process and the potential for robotics and artificial intelligence to create more efficient and safer ships.

The ABS Endowed University Chair Series was created to highlight ABS’ various university partnerships. Through these partnerships, the ABS Endowed University Chairs conduct research in areas that are vital to the maritime industry.

By collaborating with universities, ABS can share its practical guidance as well as learn from the endowed chairs’ theoretical and applied research. This research collaboration helps facilitate new technologies that may well enhance the future of classification.

“New innovations are vital for the future health of the maritime industry,” said ABS Senior Vice President of Engineering and Technology, Derek Novak. “Through these university endowments, ABS facilitates collaboration with not only academia but our industry partners as well. This knowledge sharing is a crucial part of future technology advancement.”

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