ABS Europe Technical Committee Meeting 2019



ABS hosted its annual Europe Technical Committee meeting in Athens on February 21st. Over 40 committee members and other attendees joined to discuss ABS Rule changes. Committee members are made up of technical experts in the shipping industry including shipbuilders, designers and owners and operators.

Historically, ABS has maintained a robust structure of technical governance to guide its rule development process. This process involves the active participation of ABS employees and committee members with the relevant and practical expertise. The network of ABS Technical Committees facilitate the rule development process by meeting and advising ABS on an annual basis.

This Europe Technical Committee Meeting is the 29th meeting for Europe and one of many global technical committee meetings held by ABS to engage industry in the rule development process.

The meeting began with an introduction from ABS Vice President Stefano Penco. Afterwards, the committee discussed key proposed rule changes. The committee discussed rule changes to hull and materials; machinery; and offshore and marine surveys.




ABS Senior Engineer Konstantinos Voutzoulidis addressed current regulatory issues such as vessel emission reporting for EU MRV and IMO DCS while ABS Senior Engineer Antony Vourdachas covered the the IMO 2020 Global Sulphur Limit. The group also considered the demands on the fuel supply in a post-2020 world moving towards 2050. Members discussed how ABS can help vessel owners and operators achieve compliance through guidance on available compliance solutions that would work best for each individual fleet.

Engineering Director Sean Bond led sessions on additive manufacturing and 3D model-based class, and Senior Engineer Demetres Armanes discussed smart functionalities for vessels in the near future. With an understanding that technology in the shipping industry is rapidly evolving, members acknowledged the need for ABS Rules and Guides to reflect the changing needs and safety measures of the marine and offshore industries.

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