ABS Hellenic Technical Committee

More than 40 maritime industry leaders took part in a lively workshop at the fifth ABS Hellenic Technical Committee.


The committee heard from three guest speakers. Joe Baker, Anemoi Marine Technologies, UK, spoke on   Flettner Rotors; Georgios Bourtzos, CEO of ShipReality, USA, discussed mixed reality in vessel inspections and Mr Stavros Hatzigrigoris, Managing Director of Maran Gas, talked about Air Lubrication. 


The Meeting was opened by Patrick Ryan, Senior VP, Global Engineering and Technology, who spoke about the Future of Engineering and Technology at ABS. 


“All the presentations shed light on ways to further reduce a vessel’s carbon footprint, as well as exploit state-of-the-art technologies for asset inspection and survey,” said Dr Chris Leontopoulos, Director of the ABS Global Ship Systems Center and Chairman of the Committee.


During the afternoon session, the Hellenic Technical Committee members provided valuable feedback related to issues on ABS Rules and third-party regulatory bodies such as IACS and the IMO, utilizing the use of polling software which encouraged interaction, collaboration and lively debate.