ABS Leads Cyber Security Trainings for U.S. Coast Guard AMSC Members



Throughout the month of May, ABS and the U.S. Coast Guard’s Office of Port and Facility Compliance held a series of Cyber Security Awareness Trainings for the U.S. Coast Guard Area Maritime Security Committee (AMSC) members. The AMSCs were established post-9/11 to address maritime and port security issues as well as improve communication between federal, state and local agencies.

More than 200 members participated in the Maritime Transportation System Cyber Awareness trainings, which were based on cyber security assessments conducted by ABS on maritime facilities and ports during ABS’ research contract with the Maritime Security Center over a two-year period.

The trainings were tailored to AMSC members. Through the trainings, AMSC members learned basic cyber awareness and the common cyber vulnerabilities for maritime facilities and vessel operations. The trainings also included instruction on maritime information and operational technologies; cyber risk assessments; practical guidance to bolster cyber security; and additional resources to protect against cyber threats.

Cris DeWitt, Senior Technical Advisor for ABS Advanced Solutions, said: “Cyber security is one of the most pressing issues in the industry today, so we are happy to share our expertise in maritime cyber safety and help AMSC members learn how to protect their ports, vessels and operations.”


The Coast Guard also has made a recording of the training available on-demand.

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