ABS Leads Discussion During ABC Maritime Annual Crew Meeting

ABS was invited to present at ABC Maritime’s annual crew meeting on October 4, 2017 to discuss some of the most pressing technical, environmental and operational challenges that the industry faces. ABC Maritime manages a fleet of vessels, which includes asphalt and chemical tankers and offshore support vessels. 

ABS Advisory Services Manager, Stamatis Fradelos and ABS Technology Manager, Dr. Christopher Leontopoulos both presented at the event, providing an overview of ABS’s experience and an update on recent activities.

“Events like this offer an important opportunity for dialogue with ABS, providing our crew deeper insights into some of the latest environmental and operational challenges,” says ABC Maritime’s COO, Capt. Sergey Pshenichnyy.

The presentations covered the regulatory timeline of forthcoming requirements that shipowners and operators will see implemented from now to 2025.  The challenges of the BWM Convention (US and IMO), the Recycling Convention, air emissions limits imposed by the 2020 Global Sulphur Cap and its different compliance options, greenhouse gases and EU MRV were among the issues on the agenda as well as a discussion on the new construction trends in response to these environmental challenges. The presentation also covered shaft alignment and vibration challenges and how ABS is advancing solutions and industry guidance to tackles these challenges.

ABS regularly meets with shipowners and operators and other industry stakeholders to provide relevant updates and to hear directly from them on issues that are impacting their operations and performance.