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ABS Participates in the Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit

Posted on Oct 31, 2018



ABS Principal Engineer Julie Pray participated in the Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit (EWTS) held in Austin, Texas. This summit was dedicated to industrial applications for wearable technology.

With over ten years of experience in advanced technology implementation, user interface and interaction design, Pray is involved in ABS’ efforts to align emerging inspection technologies with the future of classification services.

She was a panelist for the “Wearable Challenges: Technical and Cultural” session. This session focused on the challenges that wearable technologies present to businesses and the best practices for overcoming these challenges.

The group discussion focused on certain technical challenges including the role of IT; battery and connectivity; integration and data security; device management; and content management. The cultural challenges that businesses may face when adopting wearable technology; employee training and education; privacy and ethics; and industry regulations.

“Within the maritime industry, there is a huge push for the industry to adopt advanced inspection technologies. As a classification organization, we are transforming how class services are delivered in the digital age, and wearable devices will be part of this transformation as well.” Pray stated.

ABS continues to lead the way forward with the integration of remote survey capabilities to enable a less intrusive and more advanced survey process. To demonstrate the viability and practical applications of the technology, ABS is engaged in a number of pilot projects across the globe where wearable technology is being deployed to support class surveys. To learn more about inspection technologies at ABS, please visit here.