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ABS Participates in Seminar at the National Technical University of Athens

Posted on Jan 06, 2020

ABS Greece was invited by the National Technical University of Athens to deliver a seminar on propulsion shafting systems.

The lecture took place on the 4 December, 2019 to a group of graduate and post graduate students in the school of Naval Architecture and marine engineering, together with Professor Christos Papadopoulos, Professor Lampros Kaiktsis and Professor Ioannis Hatzigeorgiou, vice-rector of the University.

Dr. Chris Leontopoulos, ABS director of the Global Ship Systems Center, spoke about shaft alignment challenges in commercial vessels. The lecture included a number of practical case studies, where shaft alignment issues were resolved through the means of advanced simulations. During the presentation, the correlation between measurements and simulation calculations was also covered.

 “The students are naturally interested in practical case studies and technical investigations, particularly when these are resolved through the use of theoretical tools because the students can easily identify with what they get taught in Academia”, said Professor Christos Papadopoulos.

The presentation revolved around the design trends pertaining to the propulsion shafting systems, the influence of the EEDI in the design of the shafting arrangements, the trend to optimize the shaftline components versus optimizing the systems as a whole, with various “for and against” discussions.

 “EEDI has resulted in heavier propellers, slower engines and shorter and stiffer shaftlines”, said Dr Chris Leontopoulos. “This has affected the shaft alignment in various ways. The new ABS Rules do address these issues with the introduction of the double sloped bearings and the inclusion of hull deflections and propeller forces into the modeling analysis. We are curious to see what more the new EEDI phase 2 is going to bring with respect to the design of shafting systems. We are watching the design evolution very carefully in order to protect the systems and make them safe.”

 After the lecture presentation there was a lively discussion with plenty of questions and answers. ABS and the National Technical University of Athens are going to further cooperate on EU projects and joint development projects in pertinent areas, such as water lubricated bearings.