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ABS Presents at the Gallagher Marine Systems Symposiums 2018

Posted on Nov 22, 2018

Jan Otto de Kat at Gallagher Marine Symposium


ABS Global Marine Director Jan Otto de Kat presented at the Gallagher Marine Systems 2018 Maritime Symposium in London as well as the Gallagher Marine 2018 Focus Training and North American Regulatory Seminar in Athens. About 150 people attended the focus training and regulatory seminar in Athens, which focused on specific environmental regulatory landscape in North America.

His presentation, entitled “MEPC 73 and 2020 Compliance Solutions,” discussed the IMO strategy for reducing the shipping industry’s GHG emissions and the consequences for shipowners and operators. With a goal of reducing GHG emissions at least 50% by 2050, the IMO has major efforts underway to support its goal such IMO DCS and the fourth GHG study. In addition to the reduction of GHG emissions, MEPC 73 also focused on issues related to air pollution and energy efficiency.

Dr. Jan Otto de Kat discussed promising 2020 compliance solutions such as low-sulfur compliant fuel, scrubbers with heavy fuel oil, LNG as marine fuel and other future fuels. ABS offers techno-economic feasibility studies to help shipowners decide which compliance solution would work best for their vessel.

He also reviewed the ABS technical guidance and publications that can help shipowners determine how to comply such as the ABS Marine Fuel Advisory 2018, the ABS Advisory on Exhaust Gas Scrubber Systems and the ABS Debrief on the Global Sulfur Cap 2020.

To learn more about ABS services for environmental compliance, please visit here.