ABS Presents at Offshore Jackup Middle East



ABS was invited to present at the 6th Offshore Jackup Middle East Conference last week.

Unni Nair, ABS Business Development Manager spoke about ABS’ work on digital technologies designed to improve delivery of services to clients. His presentation included an update on ABS’ groundbreaking work in cyber safety, data-driven advisory services, surveys based on preventive and condition-based maintenance techniques.

The advances in communication and connectivity coupled with technology and its potential opportunities and challenges in the offshore sector was also highlighted.

“These advancements in digital technologies will help us take a lifecycle approach to survey that is vessel specific, condition-driven, continuous and less intrusive. Surveys will be data-driven” said Nair.

The conference brought together 60 delegates from the industry – rig owners, oil and gas majors, shipbuilders, designers and technology experts to discuss topics impacting the offshore sector such as approaches to managing costs, improving safety & quality and the current market challenges and opportunities.

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