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ABS Presents at Offshore Support Vessels Summit China 2018

Posted on Oct 05, 2018



Dr. Wei Huang, ABS Market Sector Director, presented at the Offshore Support Vessel China Summit 2018 on September 14 in Shanghai. Dr. Huang primarily spoke on the digitalization of offshore support vessels and its implications for the larger offshore industry.

While the offshore industry slowly recovers from its downturn, the industry faces new global challenges such as cyber security, emissions reduction compliance and digitalization.

Dr. Huang detailed how the ABS Global Offshore team continues to collaborate with industry to find effective solutions. She touched on recent digital innovations such as smart and autonomous ships, remote inspection technologies, condition-based maintenance and surveys, and data analytics.

“ABS continues to help offshore operators adopt new digital technologies,” Dr. Huang stated. “We work with industry partners to leverage risk-based tools and data that improve assets’ efficiency and performance.”

Dr. Huang also discussed the ABS Nautical Systems (NS) OSV solution. This innovative tool monitors key performance indicators (KPIs) for technical vessel performance analyses. NS is an integrated digital platform to provide   an easy solution for offshore support vessels seeking regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.

To learn more about offshore support vessel services at ABS, visit here.