ABS Presents on DOPP at WindEurope 2018



Offshore Business Development Manager Øystein Bruncell Larsen presented at the WindEurope 2018 Conference at the Global Wind Summit in Hamburg last month. More than 35,000 visitors gathered to learn about key trends, opportunities and challenges within the wind industry.

Larsen presented on the ABS Guide for Dropped Object Prevention on Offshore Units and Installations during a session entitled, “What safety lessons can wind power learn from other industries and non-EU countries?” This session focused on how wind power companies can learn from previous work in the offshore oil and gas industry regarding safety, risk and planning. 

“The global wind industry has seen significant growth in recent years, and it can learn many lessons from the more mature oil and gas industry with regards to risk management and safety culture,” Larsen continued. “The ABS Global Offshore team can help wind energy companies mitigate and control risks as well as support their stakeholders in all phases of project execution and operation.

The ABS Dropped Objects Prevention Guide is based on industry best practices and in-depth knowledge of risk assessment, equipment design review and certification. Many of these best practices and assessments are applicable to offshore wind farm installations as well.

To learn more about the ABS Dropped Object Prevention Program (DOPP), please visit here.