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ABS Presents the Latest Thinking in Large Yacht Design

Posted on Jul 16, 2019



More than 80 yacht owners, designers, builders, and regulatory bodies attended a yacht seminar led by ABS on July 9th in Viareggio, Italy.

The seminar focused on the latest design and technical innovations within the yacht industry, covering topics such as regulatory compliance and smart technologies that can improve performance and drive efficiencies.

The seminar was led by Daniele Bottino, ABS Business Development Manager who opened the event by welcoming the participants and providing an overview on the seminar’s agenda.

During the seminar the Cayman Islands Ship Register provided an overview on the new Red Ensign Group Yacht Code that came into force on 1 January 2019 superseding the Large Yacht Code LY3.

ABS Engineering offered insight into how ABS responds to technological innovation and new construction solutions, outlining present and future ABS Classification tools. ABS also presented on Limiting the Environmental Footprint of Large Yachts, looking at the technology and tools available to create greener, quieter, more efficient and more adventurous vessels.

Yacht Designer Aldo Cicero from Aldo Cichero Architecture shared his experience in designing innovative yachts that have made history in yachting, the latest new design trends driven by environment consciousness, technologically advanced materials and the search for unexplored locations.

ABS is one of the leading class organizations for the global yacht fleet. The ABS classed yacht fleet consists of more than 500 vessels which represent all types of sailing and motor yachts from historical replicas to some of the fastest and most advanced super yachts in the world.

As a Recognized Organization for more than 120 flag States, ABS is authorized by the leading flag Administrations involved in the registration of yachts. ABS has received delegated authority for the application of the respective codes: Large Yacht Code, Luxembourg Code, Madeira and many others which form the basis of yacht registration.

In addition to its specialized Rules and Guides for yachts, ABS is advancing the latest in sustainable technologies and addressing industry’s most pressing environmental challenges. To learn more click here.