ABS Sponsors 2019 KOEA Annual Forum in Houston


From L-R, Professor Yoon Hyeok Bae from Jeju National University, Korea
and Kunho Kim, Principal Technology Engineer at ABS


ABS served as a silver sponsor for the 17th Annual KOEA (Korean-American Oil & Gas Engineers Association) Forum. This event was held in the Houston earlier this month.

Over 100 professionals from the oil and gas industry gathered to join the discussion. Five engineers from ABS attended the event: Senior Managing Principal Engineer Yongjin Lee; Senior Engineer Joshua Yonghee Lee; Senior Engineer Sora Han; Principal Technology Engineer Kunko Kim; and Senior Technology Engineer Dae-Hyun Kim. Many retired ABS employees also joined the event.

Two keynote speakers gave their thoughts on the past, present and future of energy markets. Todd Bush from Westwood Global Energy Group touched on the transition for the energy future, and Professor Seung Ihl Kam from Louisiana State University touched on evolution in the energy market since 2014.

After the keynotes, attendees joined four panels for a freestyle discussion on current issues in the oil and gas industry, particularly the future of deep sea development. The panel discussion pointed out relevant industry topics such as:

           - Floating production storage and offloading (FPSO), especially conversion

           - Battery technology including hydrogen fuel cells

           - Data science for energy efficiency, optimization and cost reduction.

“As a KOEA member, I appreciate ABS’ support for this year’s forum. Events like these are great opportunities for our team to network with our industry peers and discuss important topics,” Kunko Kim, Ph.D.



Photos courtesy of KOEA