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ABS Sponsors Rehabilitated Eagle for Release Back into Wild

Posted on May 11, 2018

Rehabilitated eagle goes back into the wild

ABS recently sponsored the rehabilitation of a bald eagle through Friends of Texas Wildlife. The wildlife organization began the eagle’s rehabilitation in January and released him back into the wild this week. When found, the emaciated eagle was suffering from lead poisoning and struggling to survive.

Friends of Texas nurtured the eagle through ABS’ sponsorship and gave the eagle the medication necessary to fight the toxicity and regain his health. The eagle’s release was majestic as the large bird quickly flew up, circled the area and landed on a tall pine tree before eventually flying away. 

The bald eagle has been a part of the ABS’ logo for years and symbolizes the company’s rigorous focus on safety and the security of the environment. ABS was excited to sponsor this eagle’s recovery and be a part of the inspiring message that eagles represent: strength, freedom and the courage to look ahead. These key qualities are exemplified in the ABS spirit.

Rehabilitated eagle goes back into the wild

The eagle’s health and reentrance into the wild would not have been possible without Friends of Texas Wildlife. ABS sincerely thanks the organization and its volunteers for their service in nursing the eagle back to full health and congratulates them on the eagle’s successful flight this week.

Friends of Texas Wildlife is a non-profit rehabber permitted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife and Texas Parks and Wildlife Departments. To learn more about its efforts to rehabilitate injured, displaced and orphaned wildlife native to Texas, please click here.

Founded in 1862, ABS is committed to the preservation of the natural environment and wildlife. Its mission is to serve the public interest as well the needs of clients by advocating for the security and safety of people, assets and the environment. To learn more about ABS’ mission and commitment to environmental stewardship, please click here.