ABS Updates Guidance Notes on Propulsion Shafting Alignment


An update to the ABS Guidance Notes on Propulsion Shafting Alignment has been released this month. These notes address significant aspects of the alignment process and are a valuable addition to better understanding shafting alignment practices, problems and solutions for vessels.

These notes were developed after ABS identified an industry need for more detail regarding alignment design and practices. The Guidance Notes further advance ABS’ approach towards shaft alignment analyses and procedures.

Detailed information is provided on a range of topics including hull deflection calculation and measurement, alignment optimization and implications for propulsion systems with no forward stern tube bearing, simulation of the stern tube bearing performance at maneuvering condition, the intermediate bearing and the stern tube bearing monitoring.

The comprehensive view on shafting alignment collected in the Guidance Notes is applicable to designers, shipyards and shipowners.

Additionally, ABS has developed state-of-the-art analytical tools for engineering analysis of shaft alignment. These tools give ABS the capability to analyze complex propulsion installations.

Download the Guidance Notes on Propulsion Shafting Alignment by visiting www.eagle.org.