ABS Wins Best Classification Award at ShipTek International Conference

Gautam Lahiry accepts Best Classification Award on behalf of ABS

ABS Regional Business Development Manager Gautam Lahiry accepts the Best Classification Society award at the ShipTek International Conference and International Maritime Awards.


ABS received the Best Classification Society Award at the 10th edition of the ShipTek International Conference and International Maritime Awards this month. The occasion marks the 7th time ABS has received this award.

“We are deeply honored and proud to be recognized by the industry,” said Darren Leskoski, ABS Regional Vice President. “This award is a strong testament of our global leadership, continuous dedication to safety and service delivery, and the quality owners that make up the ABS fleet.”

The ShipTek Awards Judging Committee highlighted that the award is in recognition of ABS’ focus and commitment to safety, quality, social and environmental responsibility and its diligent effort and involvement in the training and development of personnel. The committee also mentioned that ABS’ standards of excellence in the Middle East contribute toward the development of a more efficient marine and offshore industry that distinguishes ABS as a leader in class services for the energy market.



ABS Vice President of Technology, Gareth Burton, represented ABS in the conference where he delivered a presentation on environmental Sustainability in the Maritime Industry. The presentation focused on the transition to a low-carbon economy in the maritime industry.