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ABS Hosts Another Education Session On Regulatory Updates in Singapore

Posted on Aug 22, 2017

ABS hosted a seminar in Singapore on August 17, 2017, covering regulatory developments and Port State Control measures. There were invited guest speakers from Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), the United States Coast Guard (USCG), as well as invited speakers from ABS Singapore and Shanghai offices.  The seminar provided owners, operators, shipyards, designers and other maritime industry personnel a greater awareness of Port State Control and updates of the regulatory requirements for the U.S., Australia and Singapore flags. The seminar also served as a platform to discuss today’s most pressing operational and environmental challenges.

Rear Admiral John P. Nadeau, Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy, USCG presented an overview of the maritime industry in general.

LT Jessica Ward, USCG Marine Inspector – Activities Far East, spoke on U.S. Ballast Water regulations and reminded the attendees that ships operating in U.S. waters will have to comply with U.S. requirements, including using one of the ballast water management practices described in 33 CFR Part 151.2025 and 2050. LT Ward further emphasized that since the IMO Convention has been ratified and will enter into force in September 2017, the U.S. will not change the implementation dates for vessels discharging ballast water into the waters of the U.S. The extent of USCG Type-Approval for BWM system as well as the Alternate Management System (AMS) was also presented.

Wayne Cooper, Manager – Operations, South Australia for AMSA, discussed relevant issues with vessel’s entering into Australian waters and the vessel risk profiling methods that AMSA adopts, as well as highlighting the intervention and detention statistics over the last three years. Cooper touched on PSC issues looking to the future with new obligations such as atmosphere testing equipment, Container Verified Gross Mass (VGM), changed processes, autonomous vessels and navigational safety.

GOH Chung Hun, Deputy Director (Shipping 3) from MPA delivered a presentation on ‘Implementation of Electronic Certificates’ to the audience.  The topic focused on advantages such as cost and shipping processes efficiency with electronic transmittal as against the traditional hardcopy certificates and mailing of same.  GOH also highlighted the various guidelines for the use of the E-certificate and the unique features of the MPA E-certificate program which they have planned to roll-out for Singapore Flagged vessels by Q4 2017.

Raghuram Krishnan, ABS Pacific Division Assistant Chief Surveyor provided the attendees with a presentation focusing on ‘Reducing Port State Control Detentions’ highlighting repetitive deficiencies, and explaining how in the event of a vessel detention ABS will work on behalf of the vessels owner to launch an appeal process with the applicable detaining authority when applicable.

Mei-Yan Soh, ABS Singapore Senior Engineering Specialist (OEP) presented to the attendees the latest Environmental Regulation Updates on BWM, new NOx Emission Control, Global Sulphur Cap in 2020, IMO fuel oil data collection system and EU MRV.

Chih-Wei Lui, ABS Singapore Principal Engineer, discussed the latest program updates related to ABS CyberSafety® program  and detailed the practical solutions that the dedicated ABS CyberSafety team are developing to this most serious threat and vexing challenge.

The seminar concluded with a presentation from Duncan Peart, ABS Greater China Division Assistant Chief Surveyor which provided actual case studies related to deficiencies documented by China Maritime Safety Administration Port State Control Officers during vessel interventions.

More than 100 attendee participated in the seminar and lively questions and answer session.