ABS Awards First CyberSafety Notation and Statement of Compliance

Olympic Shipping and Management S.A

ABS has awarded Olympic Shipping and Management S.A an ABS CyberSafety® Notation and ABS CyberSafety® Statement of Compliance for their newly delivered state of the art tanker vessels.

Olympic is the first tanker operator to receive an ABS CyberSafety Notation, and industry’s first ABS CyberSafety Statement of Compliance for a non- ABS Classed vessel.

ABS Advanced Solutions worked with Olympic to implement the ABS industry-leading cyber security solution.

“ABS Advanced Solutions is a leader in maritime cyber security, with an easily understandable scalable approach to measuring and managing cyber security risk for a single asset or an entire fleet,” said Russ Medeiros, Vice President of ABS Advanced Solutions. “Olympic is an operator at the forefront of cyber safety in the tanker industry. We are proud to help them understand their cyber risk and the steps they can take to reduce it.”

“We are pleased and proud to announce that our Company has received the first ABS CyberSafety Notations for tankers worldwide. The introduction of these endorsements clearly demonstrates Olympic’s vision towards safe and effective operations through new technology challenges,” said Mr. George Karageorgiou, President and CEO of Olympic Shipping and Management S.A. “ABS’ methodology provided a solid framework for identifying threats and risks to our most critical assets and ways to minimize their impact.”

The ABS CyberSafety program is aimed at mitigating the risk of cyber security-related conditions or incidents that could negatively affect operations. Awarding the CS1 notation (Asset, Basic-level, Informed cyber security Implementation) is a significant industry achievement and underscores once again ABS’ leadership in addressing cyber security.