Go Maritime: Discussing Prospects and Threats Facing the Maritime Industry

Go Maritime Event photo 2

ABS recently participated in the first Annual Go Maritime Educational event hosted by Isalos.net in London. ABS Senior Vice President for Europe, Vassilios Kroustalis, shared his views on the prospects and threats facing the maritime industry and how they will impact the next generation of shipping.

“With the fast-paced advances in technology being made daily, we are on a journey to autonomous transportation at sea,” Kroustallis said. “The future is exciting. New technology offers opportunities to better respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow, whether they are environmental impacts, reliability of equipment, more efficient operations or crew training.” 

Kroustallis continued, What is clear is that the fast pace of technology development requires organisations to be agile and able to adapt to continuous change. The era of smart shipping will require convergence of traditional and non-traditional skills with the capability for critical and innovative thinking that support both new ideas and experienced-based knowledge.” 

Go Maritime Event photo 2

Referencing cyber security and regulatory evolution, he pointed out that safety remains a critical requirement for governments, classification organizations, insurers and the industry. He highlighted how classification organizations, like ABS, have an important role in helping owners, operators, vessels and crews comply with regulations and tackle new technical and operational challenges.

ABS has a longstanding commitment to education and believes that encouraging students in engineering is crucial to the future of the industry. In 2017, 46 students were awarded ABS scholarships at 16 universities across Europe.

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