Launching of the World’s First CNG Ship

On January 25th, the world’s first Compressed Natural Gas carrier, the Jayanti Baruna, was launched as Hantong Ship Heavy Industry. Ordered by Pelayaran Bahtera Adhiguna, a subsidiary of Indonesia’s state-owned power company Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PT PLN), the CNG carrier is classed by ABS using the Guide for Vessels Intended to Carry Compressed Natural Gases in Bulk.  

The ship is expected to transport natural gas from Indonesian fields in East Java to communities on the island of Lombok, benefiting relatively remote communities that are not economically feasible to supply by pipeline.

Launching of the First Ever CNG Carrier

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ABS is committed to working with the marine industry in leveraging the latest technologies and best practices for the transportation of gas.  The ABS Global Gas Solutions team advises members and clients on the classification of vessels that provide the safe transport of gas, including LPG, LNG, and CNG, the use of gas as a marine fuel, Floating LNG (FLNG) projects, and Floating Storage & Regasification Units (FSRU).