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Webinar: Smart Functionality – Certifying equipment and services for Smart Functionality (Japanese)

Duration: 45 mins

本ウェビナーでは、ABSビジネスディレクター大庭亮がABS Guide for Smart Functions for Marine and Offshore Unitsの概要をご説明し、スマート機能に対応した船舶・オフショア機器及びサービスの認証取得への要件をご説明致します。


ABSは、海運・海洋事業へのスマートテクノロジーの適用をガイドする為ABS Guide for Smart Functions for Marine and Offshore Units(スマートガイド)を発行しました。スマートガイドは、よりコンディションベースの船級アプローチはもちろん、資産にスマート機能を加えることにより、船主又はオペレータの経営目的に沿い、より改善した資産OPEXの基盤となる、よりデータに基づいた決定ができるようにするための論理的なゴールベースのアプローチを提供します。


Makoto Oba, Director of Japan Business Development

Makoto Oba is the Director of Business Development Japan. He joined ABS in 1984 after graduating in Naval Architecture from Osaka University. From his assignment at ABS, he has substantial experience in plan review, engineering analysis and other technical services for several ship types and designs that are developed in accordance with ABS Rules and Guides, CSR, IACS Requirements and several statutory regulations. From 2010 to 2015, he was responsible for Yokohama Ship Engineering Department as the Manager and from 2015, he has been actively in charge of developing various engineering and business projects as the Director of Business Development. He is a member of the Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineering.

This webinar will be provided in Japanese. / 本ウェビナーは日本語で行います。

Today’s maritime environment requires owners and operators to leverage operational data and advanced analytics like never before. Applying digital technologies and smart functionality can provide greater insights into asset condition, enabling more informed decisions that optimize maintenance activities and improve overall asset performance.

ABS recently issued a Guide for Smart Functions for Marine Vessels and Offshore Units (Smart Guide) to help guide marine and offshore applications of smart technology. The Smart Guide provides a logical goal-based approach to adding smart functionality to an asset enabling more data-driven decision making aligned with an owner or operator’s business objectives—laying the basis for improved asset OPEX as well as a more condition-based class approach. To support a streamlined integration of vendor products and services related to smart functionality, the Smart Guide lays out a Product Design Assessment scheme coupled with a Service Provider approval process to support equipment manufacturers, shipyards, owners as well as third party software providers, as they develop products and services for smart functionality.