Certifying Equipment and Services for Smart Functionality

Certifying Equipment and Services For Smart Functionality

In this 30-minute webinar, Demetri Stroubakis, ABS Director of Equipment and Materials, provides an overview of the ABS Guide for Smart Functions for Marine and Offshore Units and walks you through the requirements to achieve certification of marine and offshore equipment and services for smart functionality.


Duration: 25 minutes

Original Broadcast: July 30, 2019

Today’s maritime environment requires owners and operators to leverage operational data and advanced analytics like never before. Applying digital technologies and smart functionality can provide greater insights into asset condition, enabling more informed decisions that optimize maintenance activities and improve overall asset performance.


ABS recently issued a Guide for Smart Functions for Marine Vessels and Offshore Units (Smart Guide) to help guide marine and offshore applications of smart technology. The Smart Guide provides a logical goal-based approach to adding smart functionality to an asset enabling more data-driven decision making aligned with an owner or operator’s business objectives—laying the basis for improved asset OPEX as well as a more condition-based class approach. To support a streamlined integration of vendor products and services related to smart functionality, the Smart Guide lays out a Product Design Assessment scheme coupled with a Service Provider approval process to support equipment manufacturers, shipyards, owners as well as third party software providers, as they develop products and services for smart functionality.


Demetri Stroubakis 
Director, Global Equipment and Materials 

Demetri Stroubakis, is ABS Director of Equipment and Materials. With extensive experience in naval and commercial ship new construction projects, Stroubakis is a subject matter expert in equipment and material certification activities.


Heather Suttle Headshot

Heather Suttle
Strategic Marketing Manager, Offshore  

As Strategic Marketing Manager, Heather Suttle works closely with executive leadership and business development teams to create marketing and communication plans that support strategic initiatives for the Offshore division at ABS.

Suttle is a member of the Houston chapter of American Marketing Association and currently serves as Co-chair of the AMA Outreach Events Committee.