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Webinar: ABS CyberSafety® Program 機器製造者向けサイバーセーフティーウェビナー(日本語)


Duration: 38 mins


ABS CyberSafety® Programは機器メーカーが、リスクマネジメントプロセス、管理、最終システムにおけるサイバーセキュリティーの脆弱性を明らかにし改善するお手伝いをします。本プログラムはより効率的で完全なオンボードサイバーリスク耐性分析の準備をサポートし、最終的にオンボードサイバーセキュリティープラクティスの実施を促進します。

Increased levels of connectivity and reliance on more digitally-enabled systems are introducing new risks and vulnerabilities into the maritime supply chain. Addressing risk early at the individual component and equipment level can help mitigate potential negative impacts when that equipment is later integrated onboard a vessel or offshore asset.

The ABS CyberSafety® Program helps equipment manufacturers identify and remedy cyber security vulnerabilities within risk management processes, governance and the final system itself. This program assists in more efficient and thorough preparation of the onboard Cyber Risk Tolerance Analysis and ultimately expedites the implementation of onboard cyber security practices.

Tetsuaki Miura, Senior Engineer, Yokohama Engineering Services Department.

Tetsuaki Miura serves as the Cybersafety Program Lead for ABS. He has been with ABS for nearly 4 years, with 11 years of experience as Engineer at Engineering Department of a Japanese shipbuilding company. 

Tetsuaki earned a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Shizuoka University in Japan.