ABS CyberSafety® for Equipment

Bringing Safety to Cyber in the Maritime Supply Chain

In this 30-minute webinar, we discuss the key risks introduced by increased levels of connectivity and reliance on more digitally-enabled systems. Identifying and remedying these risks early on is critical to mitigate potential negative impacts when equipment is integrated onboard a vessel or offshore asset.

Demetri Stroubakis, ABS Director of Equipment and Materials, and Paul Walters, ABS Advisor, Cyber Technology will provide an overview of the ABS CyberSafety® Program and how it will strengthen a manufacturer's competitive edge in the supply chain marketplace. Learn how to demonstrate a commitment to cybersecurity and help future customers avoid potential disruptions.


On Demand
Duration: 30 minutes


Demetri Stroubakis

Demetri Stroubakis 
Director, Equipment and Materials 

Demetri Stroubakis, is ABS Director of Equipment and Materials. With extensive experience in naval and commercial ship new construction projects, Stroubakis is a subject matter expert in equipment and material certification activities.

Stroubakis’ 28-year ABS career includes several positions of increasing responsibility; he most recently served as Assistant Chief Surveyor for Global Materials and Equipment certification. Prior to joining ABS Demetri served as an officer in the US Navy. 

Joseph Rousseau

Paul Walters
Advisor, Cyber Technology

Paul Walters, PE is an Advisor, Corporate Technology at ABS. He is the principal author of ABS’ Integrated Software Quality Management Guide (ISQM), Guidance Note on Software Provider Conformity Program and Guide for ABS CyberSafety® for Equipment Manufacturers.

Paul has 30 years of experience in the process control industries, programming and integrating control systems as well as instrument selection, power generation and advanced process control.