Webinar: ABS Manufacturing Assessment



ABS Manufacutring Assessment - Quality Conformity For Your Facility
Duration: 20 mins

In this 20-minute webinar, Demetri Stroubakis, ABS Director of Global Equipment and Materials, and Lesley Albrecht, Lead Surveyor of Materials & Equipment for the Western Hemisphere, will provide an overview of the ABS Manufacturing Assessment Program and explain how recognition through the program helps strengthen your product recognition and reliability to end users. They will also show you how to expedite your certification request using our new online form, and walk you through the process to achieve certification of equipment and components for marine and offshore assets.


The ABS Type Approval Program is a voluntary product approval solution available to qualified manufacturers who are targeting promotion of their products to marine and offshore sector consumers.  The quality of equipment and components used in ship construction directly impacts the safety and reliability of the vessel to carry out its intended service. To offset risk, industry stakeholders mandate equipment certification to confirm that it meets class rules and industry standards. To this end, ABS provides manufacturers a voluntary pathway through our Manufacturing Assessment process for certifying their manufacturing processes to demonstrate conformity to ABS type tested and approved product designs, thereby differentiating their products to targeted industry consumers.


Director, Global Equipment and Materials
Demetri Stroubakis

Demetri Stroubakis, has been with ABS more than 28 years in multiple leadership roles and currently serves as Director of Global Equipment and Materials. With extensive experience in naval and commercial ship new construction projects, Stroubakis is a subject matter expert in equipment and material certification activities.

Lesley Albrecht 2019 Headshot

Lead Surveyor of Materials & Equipment for the Western Hemisphere
Lesley Albrecht

Lesley has been with ABS for more than 10 years and currently serves as Lead Surveyor of Materials & Equipment for the Western Hemisphere.  She develops guidance and training for the Western hemisphere survey staff and oversees the correct application and implementation of ABS Rules, Guides and statutory requirements within this region.

Heather Suttle Headshot

Manager, Strategic Marketing
Heather Suttle

As Strategic Marketing Manager, Heather Suttle works closely with executive leadership and business development teams to create marketing and communication plans that support strategic initiatives for multiple divisions at ABS.