Webinar: ABS Materials Manufacturer Program

Showcase Your Commitment to Quality 


Showcase Your Commitment to Quality as an ABS Approved Materials Manufacturer
Duration: 20 mins

In this 20-minute webinar, Lesley Albrecht, Lead Surveyor of Materials & Equipment for the Western Hemisphere, and Satya Meruva, Managing Principal Engineer for Materials and Welding, will provide an overview of the ABS Materials Manufacturer Program with a focus on Mill Approvals. Both will present the many benefits offered by the program and how it can help showcase your commitment to quality in the marine and offshore markets.  

ABS Material Manufacturer Approval can be granted to facilities producing ABS Grade and non-ABS Grade materials. Non-ABS grade materials are manufactured to other specifications such as EN, ASTM or other applicable standards or proprietary specifications that may be used for structures and components governed by classification requirements. ABS currently approves more than 300 mills worldwide, including 85 mills adopting the heightened standards of the ABS Quality Assurance (QA) Program..

Lesley Albrecht 2019 Headshot

Hemisphere Lead Surveyor - Materials & Equipment
Lesley Albrecht

Lesley has been with ABS for more than 10 years and currently serves as Lead Surveyor of Materials & Equipment for the Western Hemisphere.  She develops guidance and training for the Western hemisphere survey staff and oversees the correct application and implementation of ABS Rules, Guides and statutory requirements within this region.

Satya Meruva 2018 Headshot

Managing Principal Engineer - Welding and NDE
Satya Meruva

Satya Meruva has been with ABS for 11 years and is a Managing Principal Engineer in Global Engineering for Materials, Welding and Non-Destruction Examination (NDE) team - with engineers in Houston, London, Singapore and Shanghai. His team is responsible for material manufacturer approvals and aspects associated with materials selection, substitution, welding, repairs and NDE.

Heather Suttle Headshot

Strategic Marketing Manager
Heather Suttle

As Strategic Marketing Manager, Heather Suttle works closely with executive leadership and business development teams to create marketing and communication plans that support strategic initiatives for multiple divisions at ABS.