Webinar: Responding to COVID-19 – Maintaining Safety Onboard


Duration: 30 minutes



The COVID-19 pandemic presents unprecedented uncertainty and introduces new challenges for maintaining safe marine and offshore assets.

Determining how to protect crews while continuing operations in complex environments with unique requirements is considerably more challenging than for assets on land. In response, ABS has introduced the industry’s first guidance on sanitizing and decontaminating marine and offshore assets exposed to COVID-19.

  •  What personal protective equipment should owners have on hand? 
  • How do you decontaminate your vessel should a crew member be diagnosed with COVID-19? 
  • What changes in routine activities can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 onboard your asset?  

Join us as we answer these questions and others. In this 30-minute webinar, we will discuss our recently-released Guidance Notes on Response Measures to COVID-19 for the Marine and Offshore Industries, which provides best practice guidelines for sanitizing assets exposed to COVID-19, maintaining an asset in sanitized state and storage, use and disposal of cleaning and disinfecting products. Produced from a maritime public health perspective, the best practices are applicable to commercial and naval vessels, as well as drilling units, production installations and other offshore units.

Gareth Burton
ABS Vice President Technology

Gareth Burton serves as ABS Vice President for Technology, advancing innovation and research to enhance the class experience and drive more efficient and effective maritime operations. He began his career with a consulting engineering company before joining ABS in 2001. During his time with the organization, he has held various roles in engineering, client relationship management and product development in the US, Mexico and Singapore.  Gareth holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Manchester, England and a Masters’ and Doctorate of Engineering from the University of Ulster, Belfast, Northern Ireland. In addition, he has completed the Executive MBA program through Texas A&M University. 


Joyce M. Johnson, DO          Rear Admiral, United States Public Health Service (ret) Professor - Georgetown University

Dr. Joyce M. Johnson, DO is a physician who served with the U.S. Coast Guard as Director, Health and Safety before her retirement as Rear Admiral, U.S. Public Health Service.  She has also held positions at the Centers for Disease Control (emerging infectious disease), U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and National Institutes of Health. She is currently a medical consultant and adjunct Professor at Georgetown University, Washington, DC., and serves on the board of the 13-hospital, University of Maryland Medical System.  Dr. Johnson was instrumental in developing and providing outside medical expertise for the recently-released ABS Guidance Notes on Response Measures to COVID-19 for the Marine and Offshore Industries.