ABS Approves Innovative Drillship Design

(Houston) ABS, the leading provider of classification and technical services to the offshore industry, is working with industry to improve efficiencies in offshore development.

“ABS is working on multiple fronts to help the offshore industry find efficiencies and streamline operations,” says ABS Executive Vice President for Global Offshore Ken Richardson. “We are coordinating efforts for standardization and working one-on-one with companies that are changing the way offshore projects are executed.”

Recent work with Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc. on the company’s Floating FactoryTM drillship concept is an example of how ABS is working with drilling contractors, in this case, approving the basic design for this innovative concept. The drillship was conceptualized as an asset that could adapt to carry out different functions for the entire life cycle of the well, changing from one operational phase to the next and reducing transition times between phases by carrying out some of the necessary functions off the critical path.

“We understand the need to reduce well delivery times and improve economics to try to drive down the costs of offshore development,” says Diamond Offshore Senior Vice President for Technical Services Karl Sellers. “We’re rethinking designs and making enhancements based on input from customers and equipment providers, and we’re relying on classification organizations like ABS to help us validate our concepts.”


About ABS

Founded in 1862, ABS is a leading international classification organization devoted to promoting the security of life and property and preserving the natural environment through the development and verification of standards for the design, construction and operational maintenance of marine and offshore assets.