ABS Aids Greek Ship Operators in Meeting 2020 Global Sulfur Limit Challenges

Tanker at Sea

(ATHENS) Leading Greek shipping industry stakeholders joined ABS for a workshop on drafting 2020 sulfur limit Ship Implementation Plans (SIP).

Intended to help shipping companies and crew ready their vessels for compliance with the required sulfur content limit of 0.50% by 1 January 2020, the ABS workshop identified risks associated with design and operations of vessels in relation to the IMO regulation, including a HAZID study.  

“As the leading class organization in Greece, many in the industry are looking to ABS for guidance in managing the transition to operating under the 2020 sulfur limit. This well-attended event is just one of the ways ABS is helping clients prepare their vessels and their businesses for this high-impact industry change,” said Vassilios Kroustallis, ABS Vice President, Europe.

The one-day event, held at the Maran Gas offices in Athens, brought together leading shipowners, engineers, fuel experts, and engine manufacturers including representatives from Thenamaris, Gaslog, Maran Gas, Costamare, MAN ES, Elin, Hyundai and Veritas Petroleum Services.

“Preparing vessels for the 1 January 2020 is a significant challenge across the industry. Sharing knowledge is the best approach to address issues and uncertainties. The information exchange this event afforded was invaluable,” said Minas Giaouzis, Technical Department Manager, Thenamaris Ships Management Inc.

During the workshop, a HAZID was conducted covering the primary challenges with low Sulfur fuel, including fuel properties and specifications, testing, compatibility, stability, storage, handling and safe use of existing and new fuels compliant with MARPOL Annex VI for specific ship types.

ABS has led the way in assisting industry prepare for the upcoming air emission requirements. In June, ABS issued the ABS Advisory on Marine Fuel Oil to help industry prepare, offering industry-leading guidance on the considerations with marine fuels likely to be used in addressing the 2020 global sulfur limit requirements. ABS also introduced the world’s first scrubber-ready notation, providing guidance for owners who are planning to retrofit their vessel(s) with a SOx scrubber at a future date. By looking ahead during the design phase and accounting for possible future retrofits, owners are better prepared to cost-effectively manage future regulatory requirements.

Download the ABS Advisory on Marine Fuel Oil here.

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