ABS Grants AIP for the World’s Largest Ethane/Ethylene Carrier

ABS and DSME at the AIP Ceremony during Gastech 2019

(HOUSTON) ABS has granted Approval in Principle (AIP) to Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Co. Ltd. (DSME) for its 165,000 CBM Jumbo Ethane/Ethylene Carrier design.

Under this design, the IMO Type B cargo tanks would be constructed out of High Manganese Austenitic Steel (Hi-MN Steel), which DSME says is more cost competitive than Ni alloy steel as well as providing increased reliability and a more robust containment.

“We are proud to support development of this concept, which is the latest in a long line of innovations in gas carrier design that ABS has helped to bring to the market,” said Patrick Janssens, ABS Vice President for Global Gas Solutions. “ABS is committed to facilitating innovations in vessel design which advance safety and drive efficiencies for the industry.”

“Based on DSME's advanced technology, which is performing strongly in the LNGC market, it will be able to lead the global gas market not only in membrane but also in Type B tanks by developing this new design for ultra-large Ethane/Ethylene carriers, applying high-manganese steel, a newly rising cryogenic material,” said Odin Kwon, Chief Technology Officer of DSME.

ABS has reviewed the safety, suitability and feasibility of the Type B cargo tank design based on information supplied by DSME to confirm the system would comply with current ABS Rules. ABS and DSME have previously collaborated on Joint Development Projects assessing the viability of Hi-Mn Steel for cryogenic applications.

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