ABS Grants AIP to Deltamarin and GTT for Dual-Fuel Newcastlemax Design

Pictured from left to right: Esa Jokioinen, Director of Sales and Marketing for Deltamarin, Paul Karam, ABS Vice President, Regional Operations, and Adnan Ezzarhouni, General Manager for GTT, at ABS ceremony granting AIP for the dual-fuel bulk carrier design.
A conceptual photo for the Deltamarin and GTT LNG-fueled, energy efficient Newcastlemax Bulk Carrier design.

(SHANGHAI) ABS has granted Approval in Principle (AIP) to Deltamarin and GTT for a dual-fuel Newcastlemax bulk carrier design.

Deltamarin, GTT and ABS have been cooperating on the development of this LNG-Fueled energy efficient Newcastlemax Bulk Carrier that is intended to meet current and future environmental targets, by introducing GTT Membrane type LNG Tanks with LNG fuel stored at atmospheric pressure and designed to ABS Class.

The AIP addresses the design’s introduction of a membrane fuel tank sited in the aft of the vessel. The tank design is intended to maximize cargo capacity, with the additional tank having zero impact on available cargo space or the vessel’s hull dimensions.

“A design such as this would allow owners and operators to capitalize on the potential of LNG as marine fuel to help meet emissions reduction objectives without having to compromise on cargo load,” said Patrick Janssens, ABS Vice President Global Gas Solutions. “ABS is committed to supporting innovation in LNG shipping that helps drive operational performance and flexibility while maintaining safety standards.”

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