ABS Remote Survey and Audit Services Now Available to Equipment Manufacturers Worldwide

(HOUSTON) ABS is making its remote survey and audit services available to equipment and materials manufacturing clients all over the globe, in the latest significant expansion of its remote capability.

Last month, ABS responded to challenges faced by the industry in the pandemic by extending remote survey and audit services to existing equipment manufacturing and external specialist clients enrolled in ABS programs in the United States, South America and Europe. Now the service is being rolled out to Eastern Hemisphere clients on a case by case basis.

“Our vendor clients in Europe, the U.S. and South America have told us what a difference the remote services have made to their operations since we launched the service and so we have moved to extend that same flexibility globally, wherever it is needed most. These manufacturers play a key role in the global maritime economy and we are committed to support them however we can through these challenging times,” said Joseph Riva, ABS Vice President and Chief Surveyor.

Already a leader in remote survey for vessels, ABS recently expanded its remote offering to include Drydocking Extensions and Radio Renewals, taking the range of vessel surveys available to nine, with plans to offer additional remote services in the near future.

Powered by advances in remote technology, remote surveys and audits augment the traditional survey experience by allowing surveyors to perform a range of actions without being physically present while simultaneously capturing all survey and audit requirements. Access to remote surveys and audits allows for business continuity, particularly during challenging times that may create scheduling conflicts, personnel or logistical issues such as the current COVID-19 period.

ABS has created an easy five-step process to simplify the scheduling and delivery of remote survey and audit requests.

To learn more about ABS remote surveys and audits or to request a remote survey, visit www.eagle.org.


About ABS

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