ABS Remote Survey Becoming Business as Usual

(HOUSTON) Vessel owners believe ABS remote surveys improve their operational efficiency, would like more surveys offered remotely and believe a remote survey can be as effective as a physical attendance survey.

That is the result of a survey of nearly 200 industry leaders following webinars detailing a significant expansion of ABS remote survey services.

“ABS has the most comprehensive remote survey services on the market today. It is an offer uniquely geared to help meet the needs of vessel and offshore asset operators as well as equipment providers, particularly during this challenging time. And we continue to explore new and innovative ways to expand that offer still further,” said Joseph Riva, ABS Vice President and Chief Surveyor. “As feedback from the industry makes clear, remote survey is now business as usual for our clients and we continue to deliver these services all over the world, increasing operational flexibility and efficiency as well as safety performance.”

Already a leader in remote survey for vessels, ABS recently expanded its remote offering to include Drydocking Extensions and Radio Renewals, taking the range of vessel surveys available to nine, with plans to offer additional remote services in the near future.

At the same time, ABS extended its remote survey and audit services to existing equipment manufacturing and external specialist clients enrolled in ABS programs in the United States, South America and Europe.

More than 92 percent of industry leaders surveyed by ABS believe remote techniques can be as effective as physical surveys, while 100 percent believe remote surveys improve operational efficiency and wanted increased remote survey options.

Nearly 200 industry leaders participated in ABS webinars on remote survey in late March.

Surveys eligible for remote attendance include:

  • Concurrent Load Line
  • Minor Damage Survey
  • Boiler Three-Month Extension
  • Condition of Class and Statutory Condition
  • Tail Shaft Survey Three-Month Extension
  • Continuous Machinery Items
  • Underwater Examination Survey
  • Drydock Extensions (NEW)
  • Safety Radio Surveys (NEW)

For more information ABS remote survey visit www.eagle.org/remotesurvey