ABS Supports Amver Awards Honoring UK’s Commitment to Saving Lives at Sea


(LONDON) ABS continued its long-standing backing of the Amver Awards by sponsoring a ceremony recognizing the contribution of UK shipping to the unique reporting system supporting search and rescue efforts for those in distress at sea.

The awards honored 397 UK managed vessels from 54 companies for their commitment to maritime safety, making themselves available to assist in search and rescue activities anywhere in the world.

“The Amver awards recognize the seafarers who operate the global fleet and bravely assist people in peril at sea. They also honor the companies who make safety a priority,” said David Davenport-Jones, ABS Director, UK Business Development. “ABS is proud to support all of their efforts, which align closely with our own safety-focused mission.”

Benjamin Strong, Amver Director, said: “There is no nation more keenly aware of the importance of the seafarer than Great Britain. Amver participation from ships from the United Kingdom and those flying the Red Ensign are critical pieces of Amver’s global search and rescue capability. Whether these ships are rescuing those in distress, searching for suspected emergencies, or simply reporting their locations in the event of an emergency, these crews and companies represent the best of what shipping has to offer and the United States Coast Guard is grateful for their cooperation.”

Amver - Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue System - is an international voluntary reporting system sponsored by the United States Coast Guard and used worldwide by search and rescue authorities to arrange for assistance to persons in distress at sea.

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